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Ventilation for industry, laboratories, wellness and food service equipments


Discover our range of fans and blowers. It covers all the needs in markets as laboratory equipment (climatic chambers, audiometric cabins), industrial automation (drying systems), food service equipment (ovens, refrigerators), wellness at home (fireplaces, pellets stoves) due to our range in centrifugal fans, tangential fans and convectors.    

Zhuogao motor produces fans and blowers to upgrade the performance on the most demanding applications and markets. Compact galvanized steel box design combined with low noise and best performance, improve the quality of your systems. All of them with AC 230Vac/50Hz shaded pole motor, are the right solution for applications like:

Laboratory equipment:  Zhuogao motor offers VT and 2VT tangential fans with low turbulence, used for instrumentation and laboratory equipment in the most demanding applications as climatics chambers, test benchs, material analysis, laboratory ovens, ...
Industrial Automation:  Drying machines for serigraphy, leather, ceramic, are the main applications where you can find our range of ventilations systems, as CVT series with 1+1Kw resistor.  
Food service equipment: Our range of VDH series with high airflow up to 190m3/h are the best solution for ovens, cooling systems, refrigerators, bottle/can coolers, ...
Wellness: Fireplaces, pellets stoves, gas heaters fits with VC series, with three flow version 30-75-95m3/h, intended for 4,000 hours continuous operation, maintenance-free.

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