• 1.Inspection of incoming material
    1.Inspection of incoming material
  • 2.Cooper wire winding
    2.Cooper wire winding
  • 3.Rotor machining
    3.Rotor machining
  • 4.Stator welding
    4.Stator welding
  • 5.Bracket support making
    5.Bracket support making
  • 6.Insulation paper wraping
    6.Insulation paper wraping
  • 7.Assembling
  • 8.Low start volt test
    8.Low start volt test
  • 9.High volt test
    9.High volt test
  • 10.Packaging
  • 11.Finished product inspection
    11.Finished product inspection
  • 12.Produce line2
    12.Produce line2

Equipped with Electric leakage index tester, needle flame tester, Programable temperature and humidity chamber etc. To imitate actual working environment and choose better materials.

Quality control

Strictly obey the GB2828 quality control standard, qualified ratio over 99.97%

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